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Nature and Ecosystem Services

Ecosystem services approach is dynamic evolving field that helps to better understand the importance of the nature for the human society. This approach is focused on the benefit identification resulting from biological variety of well-functioning ecosystems and simultaneously on methods of how to take these benefits into consideration in the decision-making processes of the market economy. Ecosystem services represent the frame for practical solutions of environmental problems that results from excessive use of natural resources.

IEEP aims at the interdisciplinary linkage between the natural resource use and the providing of ecosystem services. Important part is the valuation and payments for ecosystem services. Emphasis is put on linking theoretical knowledge of economics, regional studies and law.



SpongeBoost: Upscalling the natural sponge functions of freshwater ecosystems to deliver multi- benefit green deal solutions

How to support sponge functions of freshwater ecosystems in the form of wetlands and other nature-based solutions  More

Assessment of organic and conventional agriculture in terms of their impacts on ecosystem services to support strategic and decision-making processes

Comparison of the impact of conventional and organic farming on the provision of ecosystem services and formulation of arguments for adjusting the setting of support for organic farming.  More

FOREST-AGRICULTURE-WATER NEXUS: Bilateral Workshops for Supporting Tools for Ecosystem Services Governance

Czech-Norwegian bilateral workshops on the use of floodplain forest buffer zones for improving water quality and reducing soil erosion.  More

Improving society’s resilience to effects of crisis by increasing food self-sufficiency

Promotion of establishment of urban community gardens (CG) to mitigate economic and social impacts of crises.  More

WATER IN THE CITY: Blue and Green Infrastructure Interdisciplinary

Development of interdisciplinary tools to support management of rainwater in municipalities.  More

Development of methods of economic evaluation of green and blue infrastructure in urban areas

Development of a tool and SMART method for economic evaluation.  More

BIDELIN: Values of Ecosystem Services, Biodiversity and Blue-green Infrastructures in Cities, Exemplified by Dresden, Liberec and Děčín

Detecting, quantifying and evaluating the ecosystem services in the cities Dresden, Liberec and Děčín.  More

Economic Support for Strategic and Decision-making Processes at the National and Regional Level, Leading to Sustainable Energy use of Agricultural Biomass, while Respecting Food Self-sufficiency and Soil Conservation

Economic assessment of measares for sustainable use of biomass.  More

Supporting Development of Adaptation Measures and Strategies in Cities

Supporting the climate change adaptation of cities Prague, Brno, Plzen and Ustí nad Labem by promotion of nature-based solutions.  More

UrbanAdapt: Development of Urban Adaptation Strategies Using Ecosystem-based Approaches to Adaptation

Supporting the climate change adaptation strategies development of Prague, Brno and Pilsen with respect to the potential of green and blue infrastructure enlargement.  More

Regional Value Chains in the Context of Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity

Pilot use of the concept of ecosystem services to support business enterprise at regional level and to optimize their impact on the environment.  More

Biodiversity, Ecosystem Services and Regional Value Chains

Analysis of existing experience with the use of the concept of ecosystem services in the academic and political spheres in the Czech Republic.  More

ESOM: Valuable Nature in the Eastern Ore Mountains

Valuation of recreational benefits provided by the Eastern Ore Mountains landscape that lead to the welfare increase of local residents and visitors.  More