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Energetics, Air and Climate

Energy production and consumption are an important factor of the air pollution and climate change problem. Worldwide, there is a hunt for alternative sources of energy and the economic relations seem to play the key role in the future development.

IEEP focuses on economic implications of the air protection and climate change adaptation policies. It also deals the problem of the waste heat uses.




CE-HEAT: Comprehensive Model of Waste Heat Utilization in CE Regions

Support of the potential waste heat utilization in Central Europe to achieve the energy savings.  More

Interdisciplinary Bilateral Winter and Summer School on Energy Systems in Austria and the Czech Republic

Non semester course for Czech and Austrian students supported by Czech-Austrian Energy Expert Group (CZ-AT EEG).  More

E-klima: E-learning Model for Lifelong Learning in Selected Area of Environment

Creating an e-learning course focusing on the nature and social science themes related to climate, climate change and earth sciences.  More

TranSust: The Policy Scenarios of Converting to Sustainable Economic Structures

Modelling the influences of introducing sustainable development policies on the economy of selected European countries.  More

Europe Agreement – Pre-Accession Strategy: Economic Impacts of Implementing Legislation which Approximates EU Environmental Legislation – Preparatory Study: AIR

Economic and legal analysis of the impacts of approximation with EU Environmental legislation.  More