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Policy Tools and Evaluation

Various instruments of environmental policy are used to achieve state goals of the environmental protection. The traditional division is on administrative and market-based (economic) instruments and their advantages versus disadvantages are widely discussed. The performance of different policy tools is evaluated with the use of ex-post analysis. Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) is used to verify the effectiveness of state interventions.

Since 1997 the IEEP has systematically focused on ex-post analysis of regulatory instrument of the environmental policy (especially fees, taxes and tradable emissions). From 2007, it also undertakes RIA assessments.




Taxonomy - classification scheme for evaluation of sustainability in agriculture

How to prepare for the implementation of the EU Taxonomy in the agricultural sector in Czechia? Development of decision support tools and  regulatory Impact Assessment   More

The Cash Flow Potential Analysis of the Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovation for Competitiveness According to Applicants' Size: The Optimization Suggestion According to Cost Effectiveness and Thematic Goals

Impact analysis of the limited allocation of funds for large enterprises under the Operational Program Enterprise and Innovation for Competitiveness (OPPIK).  More

Analysis of the Cost Incurred by Private Entities for Reporting Data to the Integrated Pollution Register

Calculation of compliance regulatory costs of companies related to the reporting of data into the Integrated Pollution Register.  More

Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) - Draft of End-of-Life Products Act, Amendment to the Funeral Law and Impact Assessment of Multi-Annual Public Projects

Implementation of regulatory impact assessment of selected laws and regulation instruments in the Czech Republic.  More

COMETR: Competitiveness Effects of Environmental Tax Reforms

Implementation of environmental taxes in EU countries – analysis of the specifics of the new Member States.  More

Macroeconomic Modelling of Government Interventions in the Field of Environmental Protection and their Impacts on the Macroeconomic Aggregates of the Czech Republic

Analyzing the influences of implemented administrative and economic instruments of environmental protection on macroeconomic aggregates (GDP and inflation rate).  More