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SpongeBoost: Upscalling the natural sponge functions of freshwater ecosystems to deliver multi- benefit green deal solutions

How to support sponge functions of freshwater ecosystems in the form of wetlands and other nature-based solutions

A consortium of 10 partners from a total of 7 different European countries aims to find, compile and test innovative solutions to increase the potential of the sponge function of the landscape, especially wetlands. Due to the impacts of climate change, it is essential to find ways to preserve or restore key ecosystem functions and features in the landscape. The main aim of the project is to develop a roadmap to support the further implementation of these measures based on all the evidence from existing research around the world, as well as the results of its own investigations and pilot case studies. In addition to the natural and technical aspects, attention will also be given to economic, social and regulatory aspects and to finding business models that will provide funding for the implementation of wetlands and other nature-based solutions beyond existing subsidies in the form of alternative innovative models.

The IEEP team is responsible for leading one work package and is also significantly involved in the implementation of institutional analysis, barrier analysis and the design and validation of innovative business models.

Funding Agency: Horizon Europe
Duration: 1/2024 – 12/2027
Contact person: Jan Macháč, e-mail:
Researchers: Jan Macháč, Jan Brabec, Lenka Slavíková, Jiří Louda, Marek Hekrle, Lenka Zaňková
In cooperation with: Helmholtz Zentrum für Umweltforschung

Wetlands International-European Association

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