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Biodiversity, Ecosystem Services and Regional Value Chains

Analysis of existing experience with the use of the concept of ecosystem services in the academic and political spheres in the Czech Republic.

This project focused on the description of the current state of knowledge on the ecosystem services and biodiversity in the Czech Republic and its use in practical environmental politics. Emphasis was put on the analysis of the currently existing knowledge on the management of ecosystem services in the Czech Republic, both at the academic level (published articles and monographies, realized projects) and at the political level (what political strategic documents concerning the biodiversity and ecosystem services in the Czech Republic exist, what support programs, etc.). A broader goal of the project was to identify the benefits and opportunities, which can be brought by the concept of ecosystem services to the regional chain (creation of added value). Within the project, a trilateral Czech-Polish-Saxon cooperation was established.

Funding Agency: Verein für Internationales und Interdisziplinäres Management e. V.
Duration: 2015
Contact Person: Jiří Louda, e-mail:
Researchers: Jiří Louda
In Cooperation with: NETSCI Prof. Dr. Matthias Kramer GmbH
Wrocław University of Economics (Faculty of Economy, Management and Tourism in Jelenia Góra)