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Climate_CRICES: Increasing Climate Change Resilience in Central Europe

Supporting cities and regions in Central Europe to develop and implement climate change adaptation strategies

The aim of the Climate_CRICES project is to increase the capacity of public authorities to cope with the expected impacts of climate change, such as heat waves and drought, water scarcity and flooding, and impacts on biodiversity. The challenge addressed in this project is to make use of the big amount of environmental, water and meteorological data available both within public institutions and from so far practically unused data sources (e.g. remote sensing data). By bringing them together on a single multilingual platform, municipalities, regions, agencies and research institutions from Austria, Germany, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Croatia and Italy will be able to increase the resilience of rural and urban areas to the impacts of climate change through more efficient and accurate analysis and forecasting. In cooperation with partners in Poland and Germany, it will then be easier to address climate change adaptation issues on a cross-border basis. 

As part of the project, IEEP will pilot the needs of the Liberec region and selected municipalities in the region, identify barriers to the development and implementation of adaptation strategies, and provide access to existing portals so that data can be integrated into a common Central European platform.

Funding Agency: Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE 2021-2027
Duration: 6/2024 – 11/2026
Contact person: Jan Macháč, e-mail:
Researchers: Štěpánka Truhlářová, Lenka Zaňková
In cooperation with: Veneto Region (Italy; Lead Partner)

ARPAV – Regional Agency for Environmental Protection and Prevention of Veneto (Italy)

Consortium for the Information System (Italy)

Research Burgenland GmbH (Austria)

Central Danube Development Agency Nonprofit Ltd. (Hungary)

North-West Croatia Regional Energy and Climate Agency (Croatia)

Leibniz Institute of Ecological Urban and Regional Development (Germany)

Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences (Poland)