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Assessment of organic and conventional agriculture in terms of their impacts on ecosystem services to support strategic and decision-making processes

Comparison of the impact of conventional and organic farming on the provision of ecosystem services and formulation of arguments for adjusting the setting of support for organic farming.

The project aims to compare the impact of conventional and organic farming on the provision of ecosystem services, using own research, available data and literature. Ecosystem services whose provision is crucial both for the long-term resilience of agrarian ecosystems and for maintaining the resilience of the whole environment will be quantified. By quantifying ecosystem services in biophysical units (in conventional and organic farming) and their subsequent assessment, including life cycle assessment of selected agricultural products, the hitherto insufficiently under-considered added value of organic farming production in relation to the ecosystem services will be analyzed. Arguments and recommendations for (adjusting) the setting of organic farming support in accordance with the Czech Action Plan of organic farming and other related documents will be formulated.


Funding agency: Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic
Duration: 01/2023–12/2025
Contact person: Jiří Louda, e-mail:
Researchers: Jan Macháč, Lenka Dubová, Marek Hekrle, Jan Vávra
In cooperation with: Crop Research Institute

University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice

Global Change Research Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences