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Taxonomy – classification scheme for evaluation of sustainability in agriculture

How to prepare for the implementation of the EU Taxonomy in the agricultural sector in Czechia? Development of decision support tools and  regulatory Impact Assessment 

A number of sub-instruments are being developed to meet the EU’s environmental goals such as New Green Deal targets or achieving carbon neutrality, etc. One of them is the EU Taxonomy, which is a system for classifying economic activities according to their environmental impacts. The EU Taxonomy aims to encourage private investment in sustainable growth and contribute to a climate neutral economy in a number of different sectors. Agriculture is one of them.

The project will lead to the preparation of a suitable environment for implementation of the expected EU requirements for evaluation of sustainable management in agriculture and forestry, more precisely to the preparation of an evaluation classification scheme (the Taxonomy) for private companies with obligation to perform and publish such evaluation as well as for financial institutions and investors. Based on the analysis of appropriate data (IS RESTEP, other public or private data), LCA, carbon or water footprint methods etc. the project will create a methodology and a set of software tools for entrepreneurs and financial institutions. The part of the project will also lead to a complex material for the Ministry of Agriculture to facilitate the establishment of the whole taxonomy system.

The IEEP team will focus on institutional analysis and impact assessment of the implementation of the EU Taxonomy in the field of agriculture. Therefore, an analysis of potential conflicts and barriers related to the implementation of the sustainable agriculture classification system will be carried out in relation to key actors (MoA, MoE, farmers, credit and insurance providers, investors, etc.) and the overall impacts of the implementation will be evaluated in relation to the resulting draft sustainable agriculture classification system in the form of a document similar to the RIA reports.


Funding agency: Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic
Duration: 01/2022–12/2025
Contact person: Jan Macháč, e-mail:
Researchers: Jan Macháč, Martin Špaček, Jan Brabec, Eliška Mičová, Lenka Zaňková (Zemková)
In cooperation with: Czech University of Life Science Prague

Research Institute for Soil and Water Conservation

ECO trend s. r. o.