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COMETR: Competitiveness Effects of Environmental Tax Reforms

Implementation of environmental taxes in EU countries – analysis of the specifics of the new Member States.

The project was focused on a detailed analysis of the energy-intensive industries in the countries of the European Union and examined the short-term and long-term effects of so-called “green tax reforms” on these sectors. The complexity of the analysis consisted in the use of various methodological approaches, including extensive econometric models and case studies.

Funding Agency: 6th Framework Programme
Duration: 2004–2007
Contact Person: Jiřina Jílková (
Researchers: Jan Brůha, Jiřina Jílková, Vítězslav Píša
In Cooperation with: Cambridge Econometrics (United Kingdom), Policy Studies Institute – PSI (United Kingdom), Economic and Social Research Institute – ESRI (Ireland), Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies – WIIW (Austria)
Outputs: More on the project website.
Downloads: Cometr Summary Report (pdf)
Web-site: Project COMETR website