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Analysis of the Cost Incurred by Private Entities for Reporting Data to the Integrated Pollution Register

Calculation of compliance regulatory costs of companies related to the reporting of data into the Integrated Pollution Register.

The IEEP team, in cooperation with VYCERRO, carried out a representative survey of randomly selected sample operators (especially medium and large enterprises) on the additional costs of reporting data to the Integrated Pollution Register (so-called compliance regulatory costs). The main identified categories according to the contribution to the total compliance costs were labor costs, outsourcing (outsourcing costs) and costs of measurement and software. The study aimed to answer questions what is the amount and structure of these costs (in overall terms and broken down by different categories of obligated entities) and what are the main factors determining the cost level.

Funding Agency: Czech Ministry of the Environment
Duration: 2011–2012
Contact Person: Lenka Slavíková; e-mail:
Researchers: Lenka Slavíková, Eliška Vejchodská, Jan Slavík, Vítězslav Malý; Tomáš Oršulák
In Cooperation with: VYCERRO
Outputs: Vejchodská E., Slavíková L., Malý V. (2016): Evaluating the Regulatory Burden: Pollutant Release and Transfer Reporting Costs. Prague Economic Papers 26/6: 671-685.
Downloads: Evaluating the Regulatory Burden: Pollutant Release and Transfer Reporting Costs (pdf)
Use of Results: The analysis showed that (i) the compliance cost of reporting data to the Integrated Pollution Register (IRZ) is almost CZK 48 million, 22% of which is related to the fulfillment of obligations under the E-PRTR Regulation and 78% in the fulfillment of the obligations stipulated by the Czech legislation. (ii) The average cost incurred by 1 entity (establishment) is almost CZK 10 thousand. However, taking into account the median, this value falls to CZK 6.4 thousand. When removing 10% of the minimum and maximum values, the average is CZK 6.2 thousand. The occurrence of extremely high values ​​affecting average results must be taken into account when interpreting the results obtained. (iii) The compliance costs include wage costs (45%), outsourcing (18%) and measurement and software costs (37%). (iv) Respondents representing mandatory entities are mostly satisfied with the clarity and simplicity of the IRZ system, but they feel it is not a good tool for informing the general public.