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Regions and Transport

Regional development issues covers both, the regional policy aiming at the social and economic cohesion and the on-going processes forming the current status of urban and rural settlements. Important features are migration and employment.

The IEEP is focused on analysis of multifunctional usage of land and on their influence on endogenous development stimulation. It evaluates strategic documents related to EU Cohesion policy and the EU Common Agriculture Policy implemented in the Czech Republic.

The IEEP research group Transport and Mobility presents their projects and other achievements on their website.



Czech-Saxon Cooperation in the Railway Transport Enhancement

Support of the railway transport enhancement of the Prague – Dresden railway-track.  More

Economic Education and the Praxis in the Usti Region

Practical economic courses for high school students and potential employees to increase the employment of youths.  More

A Theoretical Analysis of the Interdependences between Environmental Policy, Regional Planning and Regional Development Policy

The analysis of mutual interdependences of Czech policies, their methodology and regulatory instruments.  More

National Development Plan 2007–2013

Cooperation on the strategy formulation for the National Development Plan in the field of inovations, knowledge economy and macro-economic forcasting.   More

MILUnet: Multifunctional Intensive Land Use in Europe

The support of multifunctional land uses in urbar areas through the knowledge sharing and exchange.  More

Ex-ante Evaluation of the Sectoral Operational Programme Rural Development and Multifunctional Agriculture

Ex-ante evaluation of the strategic document of the Czech Ministry of Agriculture.  More

Analysis of Agricultural Non-market Functions

The analysis of the Czech agricultural land management and the overview of the good practise of environmental subsidy provisions in EU member states.  More