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National Development Plan 2007–2013

Cooperation on the strategy formulation for the National Development Plan in the field of inovations, knowledge economy and macro-economic forcasting. 

In connection with preparing for a new programme period of European Union policy for social and economic cohesion 2007–2013, it was necessary to update the National Development Plan 2004–2006 (NDP). The National Development Plan was prepared as a key document for the National Strategic Reference Framework of the Czech Republic which was considered as a strategic document for negotiations with European Commission about the programme period 2007–2013. Priority axes and the goals of the NDP stemed from the defined strategy and then they were projected onto the structure of the prepared operational programs in the Czech Republic.

Funding Agency: Czech Ministry of the Regional Development
Duration: 2005
Contact Person: Jiřina Jílková (email:
Use of Results: Development of background materials for the strategic planning