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MILUnet: Multifunctional Intensive Land Use in Europe

The support of multifunctional land uses in urbar areas through the knowledge sharing and exchange.

“MILUnet aimed at the network creation dedicated to the generation, collection, exchange and transfer of knowledge on the subject of Multifunctional Intensive Land Use (MILU) as a means to realise more sustainable (urban) development in Europe. The lead partner was HABIFORUM, a public organization in the Netherlands focussing on innovative multifunctional intensive land use.The main objectives of MILUnet were to:
1. identify and analyse the opportunities MILU presents for sustainable urban development,
2. identify the barriers to MILU being adopted,
3. find effective policies and instruments to realise MILU,
4. disseminate knowledge on MILU strategies.

Funding Agency: INTERREG IIIC
Duration: 2003–2007
Contact Person: Jiřina Jílková (email:
Researchers: Martin Pělucha, Oto Potluka 
In Cooperation with: HABIFORUM