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Czech-Saxon Cooperation in the Railway Transport Enhancement


Support of the railway transport enhancement of the Prague – Dresden railway-track.

The goal of the project is to encourage the cooperation on both sides of the border for the purpose of the railway transport enhancement. There is a long-term plan to build the high-speed railway corridor Prague-Dresden that needs to be supported by the regional planning documents and other preparatory actions. There is a problem of the bottle-neck on Czech-German borders that needs to be solved. The project is coordinated by the Czech state company responsible for the management of railways.

Funding Agency: Cooperation Programme Free State of Saxony – Czech Republic 2014-2020
Duration: 1/2017–12/2019
Contact Person: Kristýna Rybová (email:
Researchers: Kristýna Rybová, Vladan Hruška
In Cooperation with: Czech Management of Railways, state company
Web-site: Project Website