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A Theoretical Analysis of the Interdependences between Environmental Policy, Regional Planning and Regional Development Policy

The analysis of mutual interdependences of Czech policies, their methodology and regulatory instruments.

“The project content reacts to the present discrepancies in theoretical definitions and the practical enforcement of state policies aimed at environmental protection, regional development and regional planning. These discrepancies decrease the effectiveness of these policies, namely in relation to their ability to achieve predefined objectives. They happen even despite the fact that the “triangle” of these policies has the potential to achieve multiple effects in reference to the subject of their interest. In many cases a misunderstanding of the defined principles of particular policies and the existing mutual dependencies causes the discrepancies.
The main outputs of the project are an analysis of the theoretical approaches to this issue, a proposal for a methodology to evaluate the influence of natural resources used in regional development and regional planning and a graphic documentation of the relationship between developing a region and natural resources use.

Funding Agency: Czech Grant Agency
Duration: 1/2009 – 12/2010
Contact Person: Jan Slavík, (email: