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Strategy how to avoid and separate municipal waste on the local level and the forming of the secondary raw materials market in the Czech Republic

Evaluation of the influence of chosen factors on the secondary raw materials market functioning.

The recovery and reuse of secondary raw materialsoriginating from waste in the Czech Republic belongs to the key strategies how to reduce the amount of waste going to landfillsor incinerated (with or without energy recovery). About the amount of waste recovered or reused as secondary raw material decided the market that is based on the supply of materials suitable for reuse and recovery and on the demand for these materials. The supply side of the market is based on the separate collection of municipal waste organised by municipalities. Demand side of the market represent the recovery facilities that are reprocessing waste into secondary raw materials used in the production process. Between supply and demand side of the market the collection organisations are organising the transport of suitable materials to the recovery and reuse. Therefore, the project is based on the analysis of the secondary raw materials market in the Czech Republic. Working on project proposal we came from the fact that the potential of reuse and recovery of secondary raw materials is usually analysed from the perspective of the supply side of the market. We are looking for answers on following questions: a) How to motivate households to separate waste into fractions suitable for reuse and recovery, b) How to define separate collection system to be user friendly? c) How to increase the separate collection in general? The main purpose of these strategies is to save natural resources that are detriorated by the landfilling and incinerating waste and to reduce the pressure on limited capacities of the waste disposal.

Funding Agency: Czech Ministry of the Environment
Duration: 6/2007–12/2009
Contact Person: Jan Slavík, e-mail:
Researchers: Jan Slavík, Jitka Šeflová
Outputs: SLAVÍK J. a kol. (2009): Poplatkové systémy v obcích – rizika a příležitosti pro odpadové hospodářství.