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Economical analysis of the intended deposit system in the Czech Republic

Evaluation of economic aspects of the introduction of deposit system on beverage packaging (PET, cans) in the Czech Republic.

The basic goal of the project is to analyse costs and revenues of the deposit system on beverage packaging (beverage PET bottles and cans) for different scenarios of the recycling rate (80, 85, 90%). Furthermore, the study aims to estimate the impact of the deposit system on final prices for consumers and on the existing system of the separate collection of chosen materials (especially plastics). Another goals of the study is to analyse the impact of the deposit system on littering. The Czech Republic is going to make a decision about the appropriateness of the deposit system on one-way beverage containers (PET bottles and cans) in the waste management policy instrument mix. The study solves the question, what kind of costs and revenues the deposit system would generate and how would bear these costs and revenues. Contrary, the study is not going to analyse theoretical aspects (pros and cons) of the deposity system, that it is possible to define according to previous research abroad. The definition of system elements is based on the swedish model of deposit system. The study includes the evaluation of costs that arise when littering is going to be solved.

Funding Agency: Czech Ministry of the Environment
Duration: 2008
Contact Person: Ing. Jitka Šeflová
Researchers: Jiřina Jílková, Jitka Šeflová, Monika Přibylová, Jana Matějovská