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The preparation of Strategic analytical document for the reuse and recovery of secondary raw materials (Secondary raw materials policy)

The main goal of the study was to establish analytical materials for the creation of secondary raw materials policy of the Czech Republic

The aim of the study was to describe priority material flows of secondary raw materials in and out of the Czech Republic. Following criteria were in the centre of attention: a) definition of key terms and data sources, b) definition of legal environment, c) analysis of technical and economical conditions for the recovery and reuse of secondary raw materials, d) analysis of the role of secondary raw materials market in the national economy and evaluation of factors that influence the treatment with secondary raw materials. The priority secondary raw materials were: metals, paper, plastics, glas, wood, construction masses, subsidiary energy products, tyres, electric and elektronic equipment, batteries and accumulator, end of life vehicles

Funding Agency: Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade
Duration: 2010 – 2011
Contact Person: Jan Slavík, e-mail:
Researchers: Jan Slavík, Jitka Šeflová, Alena Hadrabová
In Cooperation with: EKO-KOM, a.s. + external experts
Use of Results: Outcomes of the study were used for establishing the National Secondary Raw Materials Policy