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Socio-economic Analysis of the Territories Chosen for the Future Accumulation of Surface Water

How could socioeconomic indicators influence the decision-making about the appropriateness of the regulation limiting the development of municipalities because of possible future dam construction?

The regulation limiting the development of municipalities is applied at places that are about to be flooded in future because of possible dam construction. The question is how many of such places should be regulated and how to communicate the regulation with affected inhabitants in (usually small) municipalities.
The goal of the study developed for the Czech Ministry of Agriculture was to create the comprehensive database of socioeconomic indicators for affected municipalities, to verify into what extent the existing regulation truly affects the municipal development and to propose the methodology how to proceed with the evaluation of particular places (in order to reduce their list in future).

Funding Agency: Czech Ministry of Agriculture
Duration: 2007
Contact Person: Lenka Slavíková, e-mail:,
Researchers:  Jiřina Jílková, Viktor Květoň, Lenka Slavíková