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EcoEval: Economic Development Based on the Environmental Evaluation in the German–Czech Border Region

Into what extent the ecological quality and aesthetical beauty of rivers affects the tourism potential?

High quality of natural resources (together with their aesthetical beauty) affects the potential of the nature-based tourism in the region. This linkage, however, is difficult to capture by numbers. The goal of the Czech-German cross border project is to evaluate the aesthetical beauty of rivers (with the use of the case study of a lido development in Pirna and Decin) and to support the development effort of municipalities.

Funding Agency: INTERREG IIIA
Duration: 2/2007–7/2008
Contact Person: Lenka Slavíková, e-mail:,
Researchers: Robert Holländer, Zuzana Khendriche Trhlínová, Hana Švejdarová, Andreas Bohne, Linda Kochmann, Jan Slavík, Lenka Slavíková
In Cooperation with: University of Leipzig
Downloads: Presentation:
Holländer, Robert: Economic Evaluation in EU Water Framework Directive (pdf)
Khendriche Trhlínová, Zuzana: Economics of tourism (pdf)
Švejdarová, Hana: The Economic Value of the Cultural Landscape: How to Evaluate the Non-production Services of a Territory (pdf)
Use of Results: Development of databases, case studies and bilateral teaching courses.