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SE CLIMATE: A Socio-economic Analysis of ClimateChange Impact within the Context of Water Management in the Czech Republic

Design and evaluation of the economic instruments for the effective water allocation in the Czech Republic (under the condition of inreasing scarcity of water)

“Hydrological research (monitoring water quality and quantity, extreme phenomena – floods and drought) constitutes the basis for climate change impact research. However, it is not able to provide specific answers regarding future water scarcity. The existing water management needs to reflect this uncertainty and adjust administrative and market-based instruments in order to better address actual water scarcity. Therefore, the project aims at:
1. Evaluating the available information resources on links between climate change and water in a European (Czech) context and methods of processing them.
2. An analysis of water resources accessibility and its impact on market segments, a model of climate change influence on the effectiveness of direct and indirect instruments in water management.

Funding Agency: Czech Ministry of Agriculture
Duration: 1/2009 – 12/2011
Contact Person: Lenka Slavíková, e-mail:,
Researchers: Jiřina Jílková, Lenka Slavíková, Adéla Romášková, Vítězslav Malý, Ondřej Vojáček, Jan Kavan
In Cooperation with: Water Research Institute of T. M. Masaryk