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Littering collection and analysis for the purpose of the littered packaging waste determination in Czechia

Littering analysis in selected Czech case sites contributed to the proposal of the economic model to cover clearance costs of public spaces. 

To better understand the littering behavior of Czech citizens, the analysis of littering waste in urban areas (e.g., public transport stops, parks, squares, or shopping streets) and natural areas (e.g., rest areas, hiking trails, and areas around water bodies intended for recreation) is needed. Knowing the causes of littering behavior is a prerequisite for designing instruments to prevent this behavior. Furthermore, the data on the composition of littering waste (according to weight, volume, and a number of pieces) allow us to propose a model for sharing the costs of cleaning up this waste between producers.


Funding Agency: EKO-KOM, a.s.
Duration: 7/2020 – 12/2021
Contact person: Jan Slavík, e-mail:,
Researchers: Jan Slavík, Martina Vrbová, David Hrabina, Zdeňka Ilková, Blanka Bannertová, Ilona Faitová, Alice Charvátová, Veronika Rožcová, Ladislav Petrovič, Filip Křivánek, Pavel Krajíček
In Cooperation with: GREEN Solutions, s.r.o.
Outputs: Internal document for the funder.