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Analysis of the presence of tobacco products in littering and the communal household waste

The data on the amount and types of tobacco products in littering and household waste helps to define boundaries of the extended producer responsibility. 

As part of EPR schemes, some manufacturers of one-way plastics are obliged to find ways to share the cleaning costs and thus help the local government to finance the cleaning activities or possibly information and communication campaigns. However, a prerequisite for creating computational models is knowledge of the proportion of cigarette butts and other smoking products in littering. Especially within the localities for which littering behavior is typical – shopping streets and squares or natural environments.

Funding Agency: Philip Morris ČR a.s., British American Tobacco (Czech Republic), s.r.o., JT International spol. s r.o., Imperial Tobacco CR, s.r.o.
Duration: 9/2021 – 06/2022
Contact person: Jan Slavík, e-mail:,
Researchers: Jan Slavík, David Hrabina, Zdeňka Ilková, Blanka Bannertová, Ilona Faitová, Alice Charvátová, Veronika Rožcová, Ladislav Petrovič
In Cooperation with: GREEN Solutions, s.r.o.
Outputs: Internal report for the funder.