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Theoretical analysis of dependencies between environmental policy, regional policy and regional planning

What is the optimal relationships between environmental policy, regional policy and regional planning (example of the Local Agenda 21)?

Main objective of the project lies in detailed analysis of theoretical aspects of natural resources use for development of regions purposes. In existing scientific literature natural resources are considered as one of the factors of regional development which is variable in time. What is the role of particular parts of the environment and natural resources in development of Czech regions? Natural resources in dependence on scale of their use can be significant potential, but also a limiting factor of further development of respective regions. Key activities of the projects are: a) analysis of theoretical approaches to natural resources use and environmental protection in context of regional development theories, b) an analysis of existing experiences with these questions in selected Czech regions. On the basis of two preliminary theoretical-methodological analyses will be executed an evaluation of Czech conditions emphatically on definitions of specifics in natural resources use in particular regions. On the basis of supplementary and complementary analysis of qualification natural resources use in Czech economic policies will be prepared a matrix of advantages and disadvantages of natural resources use with reference to Czech regional aspects.

Funding Agency: Czech Science Foundation
Duration: 1/2009–12/2010
Contact Person: Jan Slavík, e-mail:
Researchers: Jan Slavík, Martin Pělucha, Viktor Květoň, Jitka Šeflová, Alena Hadrabová
Outputs: Květoň V., Louda J., Slavík J. (2014): Contribution of Local Agenda 21 to Practical
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