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Municipalities talk about water: Communication of the implementation of rainwater management measures in cities

Effective communication between municipalities and public on implementing measures for better rainwater management.

The project focuses on self-government needs in relation to communicating measures related to rainwater management (RWM), such as greenery planting, permeable surfaces, eco-friendly greenery maintenance, green roofs and walls, etc.

Good communication between the municipality and the public is a basic prerequisite for effective planning, easier implementability and better understanding of the purpose of specific measures. However, there are still numerous barriers to public involvement in planning and execution of RWM measures in practice. The effects include the fact that the public is not sufficiently informed about and identified with the purpose of specific measures. At the same time, some cities lack sufficient capacities for creating intelligible content that would be interesting and instructive for the public. A frequent consequence is conservation of existing unsatisfactory ways of both communication and rainwater management itself.

Therefore, the project “Municipalities talk about water” will primarily identify needs of municipalities for better communication of RWM measures and test effectiveness of communication capacities in relation to specific measures and public target groups.

The project is based on linking researchers in various disciplines (sociology, economics, marketing, public administration, urbanism). In this project, the IEEP research team follows up on its previous research dealing with green and blue infrastructure (see Methodology for Economic Assessment of Green and Blue Infrastructure) and rainwater management (see WATER IN CITIES methodology).


Funding agency: Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TL05000674)
Duration: 05/2021 – 12/2023
Contact person: Jan Macháč, e-mail:
Researchers: Lucie Povolná, Jan Macháč, Marek Hekrle
In cooperation with: UJEP FSE (lead partner) and ČVUT UCEEP (project partner)
Project outcomes: The main project outcome will be rules and procedures for communication of selected RWM measures between local self-governments and the public.