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Evaluation of hazard-mitigating hybrid infrastructure under climate change scenarios

What are hybrid measures for mitigating complex natural risks? How to model their impacts and demonstrate their effectiveness?

The project will critically assess hybrid infrastructure as a promising option for adapting to climate change, serving as a more effective alternative to conventional gray and green measures. The project will focus on studying floods, soil erosion, slope movements, and other complex risks. The goal is to identify effective hybrid measures that can successfully address multiple risks. The effects of hybrid infrastructure will be evaluated through environmental modeling in various scenarios of climate change.


Funding Agency: GAČR Lead Agency
Duration: 1/2023 – 12/2025
Contact Person: Lenka Slavíková, e-mail:
Researchers: Lenka Slavíková, Jiří Louda, Jan Macháč, Pavel Raška, Martin Dolejš
In cooperation with: University of Ljubljana