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CE-HEAT: Comprehensive Model of Waste Heat Utilization in CE Regions

Support of the potential waste heat utilization in Central Europe to achieve the energy savings.

The project focuses on the use of waste heat that is in energy savings. The waste heat is such that it cannot be used by its producer (company, municipality), e. g. cooling or combustion facilities. Such heat can be used by another entity, which is forced to produce it for itself. Energy savings therefore represent an opportunity for both financial savings and for environmental protection. They are also a way of how to raise energy safety. The focus of the project and involvement of UJEP is a logical reaction to the specific needs of the region.
The Czech Republic has a potential of approximately 5 PJ savings in waste heat. The project will focus on the identification of the possible use of waste heat in this region in cooperation with self-governing regions, municipalities and companies. The result of the project will be a real application in the form of a pilot project. The goal of the project is also to create a system which would allow to identify the possibilities of waste heat use even after the end of the project, for example by using the data flows within the legal obligations of the companies and municipalities (for example by using the area energy conceptions). CE-HEAT will also enhance a mutual cooperation of foreign and Czech academic institutions, regional and municipal self governing authorities and business sphere.
Besides the Czech Republic there are 5 other European countries involved in this 3 year project realized within priority axis 2 Cooperation in the area of low carbon strategies in Central Europe.

Funding Agency: Interreg Central Europe
Duration: 5/2016–4/2019
Contact Person: Jiří Louda (
Researchers: Jiří Louda, Lenka Zemková, Ondřej Vojáček (NCEU), Jan Brabec (NCEU), Jan Macháč (NCEU)
In Cooperation with: National Center for Energy Savings (Czech Republic),  E-ZAVOD (Slovenia),  APE FVG – Agenzia Per l’Energia del Friuli Venezia Giulia (Italy), Energetski institut Hrvoje Požar (Croatia),  Dravske elektrarne Maribor (Slovenia), Technologieoffensive Burgenland GmbH (Austria), Thüringer Energie- und GreenTech-Agentur GmbH (Germany), Poltegor – Instytut (Poland)
Web-site: Project CE-HEAT website

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