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DeMaRisk: Individual and Organizational Decision-making in Environmental Risk Reduction: Determinants, Motivations and Efficiency

What factors influence the preparedness of individuals and organizations to effectively cope with natural disasters?

The environmental hazards have struck societies with considerable intensity and recurrence and their impacts are relative to the resilience of the society concerned. The effective ways to reduce environmental risk are related to social action and learning at different institutional levels and efficient risk reduction must be based on balance between individual and institutional approaches through participation and governance. Nevertheless, current writing frequently reduces the two-way nature of the participation process and it only partly analyses individual action as a formative component of institutional frameworks, which is even more distinct in Central-Eastern European context. In this project, we use the multilevel approach to analyse the determinants and mechanisms of how do individuals and institutions learn to reduce risks. We particularly address questions: What are the factors that determine the individual and organizational decision-making in risk reduction? How does the individual learning co-form the institutional frameworks of risk reduction? How are these mechanisms influenced by political-societal context of Central-Eastern Europe?

Funding Agency:  Czech Grant Agency (project is coordinated by the Faculty of Science of Jan Evangelista Purkyně University)
Duration:  1/2016–12/2018
Contact Person:  Lenka Slavíková, e-mail:,
Researchers:  Pavel Raška, Lenka Slavíková, Jan D. Bláha
In Cooperation with:  Charles University Prague, University of Ostrava
Downloads: Slavikova, L., Raska, P., & Kopacek, M. (2019). Mayors and “their” land: Revealing approaches to flood risk management in small municipalities. JOURNAL OF FLOOD RISK MANAGEMENT12(3), e12474. 

Slavikova, L. (2018). Effects of government flood expenditures: the problem of crowding-out. Journal of Flood Risk Management11(1), 95–104.