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Rainwater management in households: economic incentives, barriers and motivations

Why Czech households do (not) use rainwater? What are the effective positive and negative incentives for more intensive rainwater management?

Changes in hydrological regime and their impacts, such as droughts and flashfloods, require changes in rainwater management. Households are important parts of the story. Retained rainwater can be replace part of the drinking water uses, such as garden irrigation, flushing toilets, etc. The project aims at capturing household preferences towards rainwater management – this is done through repeated representative surveys, so we can compare differences in preferences in time. Also, impacts of economic instruments of the public policy are evaluated in this area.

We cooperate with STEM and Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Czech Technical University Prague.


Funding Agency: TAČR, SMART-ITI
Duration: 2017 – 2023
Contact Person: Lenka Slavíková, e-mail:,
Researchers: Lenka Slavíková, Jan Macháč