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CrossFlood: Cross Border Flood Risk Management

The support of the European-wide networking with the topic of flood damage management.

River floods are currently among the most pressing natural disasters. In the last decade, much research has been conducted in the field of flood risk management, but the landwater nexus has been barely addressed. Where to store the water in a catchment? What are instruments and arrangements to facilitate water retention and flood-resilient cities? To answer those question, an interdisciplinary and international research initiative dedicated to “Flood Retention and Resilience in River Catchments” has been successfully launched. The overall aim of the project is the establishment of an interdisciplinary network of institutions and experts with focus on cross-border management of flood risk. The expertise of Elbe, Rhine and Danube river basin management in governance and technical solutions in water and land management and in complex planning approaches will be critically evaluated and innovative solution will be proposed.

Project outputs are developed in cooperation with the Department of Geography of Faculty of Science UJEP. 

Funding Agency:  Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, programme EUPRO II
Duration:  5/2014–12/2017
Contact Person:  Jiri Louda, e-mail:
Researchers:  Jiřina Jílková, Thomas Hartmann, Lenka Slavíková, Jiří Louda, Pavel Raška
Web-site: Project CrossFlood website
Use of Results: Project supported the successfull submission of the Cost Action LAND4FLOOD